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Quality Free Range Christmas Meat, Poultry & Game

Quality Free Range Christmas Meat, Poultry & Game

We produce top quality free range poultry, meat and game for Christmas. We humanely slaughter the poultry in our farm abatoir, the other meat is taken locally to be processed, then all the meat is butchered by our Master Butchers here at Franklins Farm.

We have an extensive range from traditional free range Geese and Turkeys, Ducks and Capons, to our own Beef, which is hung for 21 days to ensure flavour and tenderness, our quality grass fed lamb and Gloucester Old Spot X Pork. Any joints can be accomodated by our skilled on-site butchers and experienced team. We make our speciality 3 or 4-Bird Roast here from our free range goose stuffed with pheasant and chicken breasts and stuffed with gluten free stuffing. We can also Crown Turkeys, make Turkey Breast Roasts, and cater for as many requests as possible!

Order online before 31st October, and receive a free pack of Olde English Sausages, or a jar of our finest Goose Fat with your Christmas Order.

We have been producing free range turkeys and geese for Christmas here at Thorncote Green for 30+ years. Many of our customers come back year upon year, and it has become part of their family Christmas Tradition to come to our farm and collect their Christmas Order. Thank you for your customer loyalty, you are very important to us, and we will do our utmost to fulfil your requirements to ensure you have exactly what you ordered.


You can download our 2019 order form and send into the shop, or order online. Please email me if you need any assistance - anna (at) franklinsfarmbutchers . co . uk

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