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Franklins Free Range Whole Goose

Franklins Free Range Whole Goose

Franklins Free Range Whole Goose


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 PLEASE NOTE: Courier orders are usually dispatched on Wednesday for next day delivery. Please order at least 24 hours ahead of dispatch/market day. If in doubt do call us first. Christmas Deliveries this year will be dispatched on Wednesday 21st December


Our fresh geese are available from October until the end of December. Frozen geese available in the New Year while stocks last.

• X Small 3kg - Feeds 2 - 3 people
• Small 3.5kg - Feeds 3-4 People
• Small 4kg - Feeds 4 - 5 People
• Medium 4.5kg - Feeds 6 - 7 People
• Large 5.5kg-6kg - Feeds 8-10 People
• Xtra large 6.5kg - feeds 10+ people WE HAVE SOLD OUT OF LARGE GEESE - ONLY UP TO 5.5KG AVAILABLE NOW

PLEASE NOTE: Guides are approximate and dependant on appetite! Birds are banded into weight bands, for example an 5.5kg bird is in the 5 - 5.9kg Band. We will get your bird as close as possible to the size you require.