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Franklins Party BBQ Pack

Franklins Party BBQ Pack

Franklins Party BBQ Pack



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Our poultry and animals are reared in the traditional way: in free range groups that roam and graze on organic pasture. They reach maturity slowly and naturally which, we think, makes the meat particularly tasty. The meat is then carefully hung and matured, for flavour and tenderness, before being prepared by our own skilled team of butchers. Our burgers and sausages are hand made at the farm using our top quality beef, and natural sausage skins. The box contains:

25x Burgers
25 x Pork Sausages
20 x Chicken Drumsticks
20 x Pork Ribs
20 x Lamb Koftas

Marinade flavours can be added to the lamb koftas, pork ribs, drumsticks, flavours include BBQ Smoke, Moroccan, Sticky Maple or Rosemary