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Grass Fed Free Range Rack of Lamb

Quality Grass Fed Franklins Rack of Lamb - 6 Chops per 500g

Quality Grass Fed Franklins Rack of Lamb - 6 Chops per 500g


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Rack of lamb from Franklins Greensand Ridge Free Range Lamb. A rack of lamb comes from the area considered to offer the most tender lamb cuts called the best end of neck. Rack of lamb is a perfect roast for 2-3 people and is quick to cook too. It's best cooked in a hot oven in a roasting pan with the fat side seasoned, glazed or covered with a crust. If using a crust then you will need a medium heat oven. It is best served pink or medium as it will dry out if well done.

A 'rack' comprises seven ribs and is formed by several chops from the rib together in one joint. Ribs will often be 'French' or 'larder trimmed', which is done by the butcher and exposes the bone of the rib. A guard of honour is two trimmed racks facing each other, fat side out to form an arch

Up to 12 Chops per kg